International Investment Fund with a history of business and assets since 2003

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More than $ 80 million assets managed by the fund

A guarantee to our investors is a large number of instruments for raising capital.

80 mln

assets managed by the fund


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Welcome to BR OFFICE

We are experts in the field of coworking, so we attract guaranteed investments in the creation of a global network around the world

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Investing in Blockchain and Startups

Venture investment market research in projects related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, published by Crunchbase News, revealed December 2017 did not scare investors. The fall in the value of Bitcoin did not affect the amount of investment, and the 2018th threatens to become a record year.

Blockchain coworking BR OFFICE

In large cities, coworking has a huge target audience. Most of all mini-offices attract beginners and small businessmen, and there are a lot of them among entrepreneurs.

Investments in modern real estate

Investments in foreign real estate perfectly comply with the principles of diversification or risk sharing. In other words, an investor who invests in several different investment assets is less likely to lose it.

Artificial Intelligence

In the next 5 years, companies that invest in AI and staff training in relevant skills, will be able to increase their revenues by 38%. At the same time, those who ignore this area, on the contrary, will lose profits, analysts promise.


In 2016, robotization has become one of the most discussed topics, and robotic startups have come to the attention not only of the media, but also of investors. The volume of investments grew by almost 50%, and about $ 19 billion was spent on the purchase of 50 companies. The indicators are growing every year, and in 2018 we can expect new records.


New Age Solutions

New Age Solutions

International Investment Fund with a history of business and assets since 2003. The platform provides the opportunity to receive passive income and the possibility of additional income, and the reserve fund guarantees the protection of investments. Take advantage of the experience and development of NAS - this will provide you with financial independence. See for yourself personally, thanks to flexible conditions, you will definitely find a suitable solution for earnings.

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Touch the billion-dollar market starting with 50 $

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Monthly payments to investors over 15 years

Innovative marketing plan with payout up to 25%

Withdrawal of money 24/7

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NEW AGE SOLUTIONS - proves that investing is available to everyone!

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How calculated %

Calculate the percentage of the number, add and subtract% from the number, the calculation of the percentage of two numbers.

  • From the amount of investment 50% in the body of investment
  • 50% to purchase tokens
  • Investments from 50$
  • Forecasted monthly percentage to 5% per month.
  • Predicted interest for the entire term up to 110%
  • Term of the work 12 months
  • Deposit withdrawal at maturity
  • Accruals every month

Start Developer

How calculated %

Calculate the percentage of the number, add and subtract% from the number, the calculation of the percentage of two numbers.

  • Investments from 50$ - 10000$
  • Forecasted monthly percentage to 8% per month
  • Predicted interest for the entire term up to 160%
  • Term of the work 12 months
  • Withdrawal of deposit body every 3 of month by 25%
  • Accruals every month

Devеloper Pack

How calculated %

Calculate the percentage of the number, add and subtract% from the number, the calculation of the percentage of two numbers.

  • Investments from 50$ - 10000$
  • Forecasted monthly percentage from 6% per month
  • Predicted interest for the entire term up to 172%
  • Term of the work 12 months
  • Deposit withdrawal at maturity
  • Accruals every month

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About Us

International Investment Fund New Age Solutions is a team of professionals with extensive experience in working with finance, construction, architecture and marketing. The Fund was founded in 2018 by a group of international experts, which combines the long-term experience of the world's largest companies. The main goal of the fund is to provide our clients with the best conditions for obtaining passive income and investing in the most ambitious and promising projects related to real estate and the development of new technologies. The portfolio of the fund's employees also includes an extensive geography of activity. Our specialists participated in projects in the largest countries of the world on 5 continents. Foundation employees took part in such innovative projects as The Wave, Oman, designing the large-scale Bab Al Madina complex in Libya, participating in the development of the Thu Thiem business district in the capital of southern Vietnam and many other projects that change our world perception.

These billionaire projects are the result of the long and painstaking work with the participation of our best specialists and represent the result of continuous development in an effort to make the future today.

Together we create an international organization that will help our clients gain confidence in the long-term perspective of their investments.


Nassif Al Rayes St., 1333 Rmeil, Beirut, Lebanon

Inspired by the purity of the traditional Lebanese house – the ‘beit’, and the poetics and flexibility of urban lofts in London and Manhattan in the ‘60s and ‘70s, Modulofts is a 14 story building made up of 7 duplex lofts atop a piloti, on a single aspect squarish 206 sm site, just off the eastern end of Charles Malek Avenue on the trestles of the established Ashrafieh district in Beirut.

The design team aspired to capture the essence of the latter traditional Lebanese house, developing a plan for each of the 7 vertically stacked lofts that has a central double height main space – the living / dining area - with two rooms or modules at the lower level and another two linked by a slender bridge at upper level. The plan is also ordered along Louis Khan’s ‘served and servant spaces’ with all services running along the rear of the site in a 2.4 m wide zone, with an 80 cm zone in front of it for the built-in cupboards and internal stair, leaving the 4.2 m wide ‘served’ noble spaces overlooking the street through a predominantly glazed façade.

University of Balamand, Lebanon

A modern interpretation of the traditional courtyard buildings of the Levant, CASID is not a fort like structure. On the contrary, it knits itself into the site, opens to all its surroundings, and engages with them. A forum for the entire campus, it opens up towards the West symbolizing its role as a vehicle for intercultural dialogue. Access to the building is provided from all sides and respective levels of streets and landscape around, further symbolizing its role as a nexus of exchange accessible to all. The eastern part of the building roots itself into the landscape, and is built perpendicular to it, reflecting how traditional Levant architecture deals with construction on a slope, while the western part hovers heroically creating the main entrance aligned to the street while embodying the aspirations Arabs must have for the future. Finally, the southern part acts as a natural extension to the landscape itself. The roof is seen as the fifth elevation clearly visible from the hills around, and therefore developed into an accessible green roof preserving the planted heritage of the site and providing another public space with unparalleled views. Façades exposed to the western sun have aluminium sun baffles articulated in both spacing and size as a modern and abstract interpretation of Arabesque – itself a play on the size and rotation of geometric forms.

Ahlibank Head Office Musact, Oman

This is a four stories high building with a basement, on an 11,000 m2 site in Bousher area, Muscat. The various floors provide an ideal working environment planned around a large longitudinal atrium at the heart of the building, with direct views across the floor spaces. The project utilizes state of the art design approaches and technologies creating an intelligent, ecological, and economic building with efficient services and green design.

Zen Group HQ Tunis

For the main facade, having 40m width by 18m height overlooking a famous avenue in the area, and receiving a large vehicular and pedestrian flow, we took our inspiration from the movement of fabric and the textile thread-making machines that communicates rhythm, order and repetition. So we designed a particular structure composed of a technically evolved assembly of 47 aluminum profiles of 14m height spaced by 70cm. These profiles were arranged in a perfectly studied parametric positions that vary slightly in order to produce a Hyperbolic paraboloid shape. And that’s how, with architectural elements we obtained the shape of a large moving fabric.


Founders, management and management of the company.

Matthew Lingen

Vice president Asia and Middle East

Massive experience of work throughout the United States, Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and some countries in Asia. John has delivered hundreds of projects by managing people, building relationships,collaborating, networking and leading the team of professionals that are needed to plan, design, execute, and manage projects in any corner of the world on time and on budget. Wide range of the projects included: Hospitality, Residential, Commercial, Healthcare, Casino’s, Restaurants, Infrastructure, Art, Culture, Education, Sports and Recreation, Industrial, Eco-Tourism.

Mazi Adoka

Vice president Africa

Dr. Adoka is the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA), strategic direction of the Association, covering industry advocacy, development and sustainability, Director of Operations of the East African Development Bank (EADB) based in Kampala , These are the Kenya Private Sector Alliance, Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Higher Education Loans Board, Federation of Kenya Employers, Centre for Corporate Governance and the National Research Fund.

Jack Lee

Financial director and crisis manager

Commercial and International Banking executive with over 15 years of experience in trade finance, credit risk management, new business development, portfolio management and consulting.

Specialties: Advising US companies on trade finance issues; Structured Trade Finance, Export Credit Agencies (Eximbank and multi-sourced transactions) and Multilateral Agencies (e.g. IFC, EBRD, OPIC)

Keith Parker

Architect advisor development estate

Over 20 years of experience selling construction services in the Commercial & Industrial marketplace. My territory included, the East Coast, from Upstate NY to New Orleans. I provided the sales efforts for office's in South Carolina, Tennessee & New Orleans. Also supported and attended Industrial Conference's in Power Gen, Electric Power, Mining & Minerals, IEEE (Cement Industry) to name a few.